The Cinematography OF

The Insider (1999)

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  1. Love the cinematography of Insider! I have one question
    though, wasn’t the film shot in 2:35? Thanks for your great

    1. It was shot 2:35. Unfortunately it hasn’t been released in an HD format yet except on tv. So this is an HD tv rip and they pretty much always use the same 16:9 aspect ratio for all their television releases. When it is released on blu-ray I’ll post it again. But it’s better than nothing for now.

      In his later years Sydney Pollack would purposely frame shots with people at opposite edges of the frame so that his movies couldn’t be cropped to a different aspect ratio.

  2. Incredible cinematography for an incredible movie!!!
    Most of Mann’s films deliver wonderful visuals, others Spinotti’s stunning works include “Manhunter” and “Heat”, i also love the cinematography of “The Keep” “Collateral” and “Ali”.

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