The Cinematography OF

Sin City (2005)

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    1. I know it. There are so many amazing movies to be captured I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface!

  1. I was so surprised to learn that Rodriguez shot this himself, this is the kind of work that can give professional cinematographers a run for their money. Also, people who poo poo digital cinematography should look at films like this…and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Ultraviolet, Zodiac, Benjamin Button and Speed Racer. They were made when digital cinema cameras were still nascent, but coz they were made by competent filmmakers, the work still shines. It such movies that make me realize that the film vs digital debate is useless. You either know what you’re doing or you don’t.

    1. Yeah, I think we may be past the place where people are poo poo’ing digital cinematography. I think it was common at first to hate digital cinematography but I think the fact that there are usually a couple digitaly shot films nominated for best cinematography over the past 5+ years seems to indicate we’ve entered a new era.

      I’m always impressed by directors who shot their own stuff too. Impressive! Steven Soderbergh often does the same thing.

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