The Cinematography OF

Skyfall (2012)

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this so soon after the movie came out! I was absolutely entranced by the visuals in this film.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH for uploading. Skyfall was the first Bong film, in a long time, that left me speechless. It is extremely hard to make an action film artsy, yet Roger Deakins made Skyfall a visual masterpiece.

    I am interested in become a cinematographer and Roger Deakins is my main inspiration and idol when it comes to cinematography and imagery as well. Do you have any advice for a High School, going on college, student? And does Photography and Cinematography relate in any form?

    1. Photography is very closely related to cinematography. The only thing that is different in cinematography is the added aspect of motion. Motion of the moving camera, and motion of things within the frame. Other than that exposure, composition, etc. are all pretty much the same.

      My advice for someone wanting to go into cinematography:
      Watch a lot of good movies with great cinematography.
      Shoot whenever you get the chance.
      Find talented people to work with/for and learn from them.
      Be open to constructive criticism.
      Be a nice person and be easy to work with.
      Constantly be trying to get better at what you do.

      That will take you a long way.

  3. Hi Evane,

    Thanks for posting.
    I think your recommendations for Baie are to the point.
    Keeping ones eyes peeled to what good or great is out there and being humble about leaning from ones peers.
    The criticism part, is the hardest part to learn of course.
    For most people, only age will do that. Or often not. (Looking at current politics)
    Again thanks for posting.


  4. Wow!! I didn’t think you would reply. Thank you so much!!! I will take your advice with me when I head off to college and beyond!!
    Thank you so much

    P.S: I spelled Bond wrong lol Sorry about that

  5. To be honest, the reason I watched this film was only because of Roger Deakins’ remarkable cinematography (and Newman’s score) and I have to say, it was really worth it. Deakins’ cinematography makes everything watchable, he makes a glass of water look like a beautiful painting. I still can’t decide which film deserved the Academy Award for Best Cinematography the most that year, 2012 was a good year for cinematography.

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