The Cinematography OF

Arrival (2016)

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  1. Glad to see Arrival’s cinematography uploaded first out of all the 2016 films. Evan, who is your winner for last year’s Best Cinematography?

    1. I feel like this year was a little weaker than other years for cinematography in Movies. I mean there WERE some good looking films this year, but for some reason I felt a little let down. I really liked “Embrace of the Serpent” but I have a special place in my heart for black and white cinematography. Neon Demon was a great looking cinematography even though I didn’t particularly like the film. I also didn’t love “Hail Caesar” but I love how it copies the look of a lot of Hollywood movies made back in the 50’s, Deakins did a great job with that. I haven’t seen “Knight of Cups” but from the trailers I’ve watched, it’s probably right up there too. Lubezki is at the top of his game these last couple years.

      I’ve really been liking cinematography in TV these days. “The Night Of” was maybe one of the best things I saw in any format in 2016. Period. Loved it and the cinematography hit all the right notes. “Game of Thrones” had some great cinematography too. I love all the crazy shots and angles they get in “Better Call Saul” just like they got in “Breaking Bad”. That show continues to wow me. Bill Popes pilot for “Preacher” was a great looking hour of television (I always get him mixed up with Dick Pope who was nominated for an Oscar for “The Illusionist”).

      So….haha. I guess that doesn’t answer your question, but those were some of MY personal favs.

    2. I agree. Last year was not only a weak year for cinematography but for film in general. I wouldn’t probably nominate any of last year’s cinematography nominees for an Oscar but there was no competition at all. Contrary, 2015 had great cinematographic work (Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant, Carol, Sicario, Spectre, The Hateful Eight, Embrace of the Serpent, Bridge of Spies). Still, I believe Arrival had the best cinematography last year.

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