A New Addition To The Richards Family

Since I started this website 11 years ago I have never posted anything personal about myself or my family. But now seems like an appropriate time.

On August 8, my wife Teresa and I welcomed out daughter Eliza Anne Richards into our family.

She enjoys a cold bottle and long walks on the beach. She hasn’t decided yet if she likes baths or not. She likes reading and thinks it is a tremendous joke if I pretend to fall asleep.

As you may guess, having a newborn has kept us quite busy. I haven’t have time to post any new films in the last couple months, but now that life is starting to reach a new equilibrium and things have calmed down a little, I should have more time for personal projects.

Stay tuned because I have some very exciting new cinematography to post soon! Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I am a high school film teacher, and I love your site. Congrats on your beautiful girl. Little girls are awesome! I have an 18 month old 🙂

  2. Evan, Congratulations to you and your wife! That is awesome, man. I’m expecting my first kid in March and I can’t wait.

    Ive been visiting your site for years now and it was so great to see a glimpse into your life away from the great work you do.

    Take care.

    1. Thanks Ryley!!! It’s a crazy time. Best of luck to your family, March isn’t too far away!
      I thought Lion was fantastic btw. I’m actually going to be posting it here soon. Keep up the great work!

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