The Cinematography OF

The Grandmaster (2013)

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  1. Great screenshots. Gorgeous but sadly very underrated cinematography. It was, if i’m not mistaken, one of the last movies shot with Fuji stock. The rainy fight scene in the beginning was particularly memorable for me.

  2. I will now share a possibly unpopular opinion.

    This should’ve won the cinematography oscar that year. Lubezki should’ve instead won for Tree of Life the year before, instead of Gravity.

    1. You know what? I completely agree. But we all know the Oscars are not based on merit. They’re usually given to the most gimmicky, flavor-of-the-month films of that year, while some excellent work gets snubbed (E.g.: Darius Khondji cinematography on Seven). In fact, i think we should be grateful that both The Grandmaster and Tree of Life got nominated at all.

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